Motor Fleet Insurance, as its name suggests, provides coverage for the motor vehicles that are used in the course of your business. This type of policy is suitable for a wide range of different types of vehicle and different sizes of motor fleet. The most convenient thing about a Motor Fleet Insurance policy is that you are able to manage all of your business vehicles under one single policy, rather than wasting time — not to mention the unnecessary paperwork — of multiple policies.

Whether you already have a fleet insurance policy, you’re looking to bring together a number of separate individual policies, or you’re just starting out, the dedicated insurers at Thompson & Co Insurance Brokers have the expertise and experience to be able to provide you with the best solution for you and your unique circumstances. All that we require is that you use a minimum of three vehicles for your business.

Are there different levels of cover?

There is a diverse range of different types of flexible and simple Motor Fleet Insurance available through Thompson Insurance Brokers. Whether your fleet consist of cars, vans, coaches, minibuses, taxis, trucks, HGVs or a combination of these vehicles, you get to choose from three different levels of cover: Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire and Theft; or Third Party Only.

Comprehensive cover gives you the most protection, covering as it does any damage caused to your vehicles, any third-party vehicles or any third-party property as the result of an accident, whether or not the accident is your fault. The increased level of protection means it is also the most expensive cover. Third Party, Fire and Theft protects against damage to all third-party vehicles or property, while your own vehicles are covered against damage only from theft or fire. The most basic and least expensive cover is Third Party Only. This level of cover does not protect your own vehicles, but rather covers any third-party claims for damages made against you.

When setting up your fleet insurance policy, you also need to choose from a number of different driving restrictions. You may choose an Any Driver policy, which means that anyone with a valid UK driving licence is able to drive any of the vehicles covered in your policy. Or you may decide to specify Named Drivers only for each vehicle. This is the cheaper of the two options but can also prove much less convenient.

There are also a variety of ways to reduce the cost of your Motor Fleet insurance, such as setting a minimum age for all drivers. You might also decide to choose a higher voluntary excess and make sure that all of your vehicles have high levels of security.

What other coverage options are available?

As well as different levels of coverage and flexible driver options for all vehicle types, Motor Fleet Insurance policies also have the option to cover:

Why use Thompson Insurance Brokers for your motor fleet insurance?

Apart from our vast experience and our highly qualified team of dedicated insurance experts, Thompson Insurance Broker Services are always laser-focused on your specific requirements, and we do everything we can to bring together every one of your coverage requirements into a single policy package.

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