Is your vehicle integral to your business?

If your van is integral to your business, it’s essential to get the cover that you need to protect you and your business if something goes wrong. Commercial van insurance can pay out if your van is stolen, damaged or involved in an accident. When you have the right cover in place, you don’t need to worry about your business grinding to a halt due to something unfortunate happening to your vehicle.

Bespoke insurance for your specific needs

At Thompson Insurance, we can help you obtain the right kind of vehicle insurance cover for your specific needs, so you’re only paying for cover you actually require. There are three kinds of commercial vehicle insurance available: comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party cover. The minimum level of insurance you can take out is a third party policy. This will cover you for any damage or injuries caused to another person or their vehicle, but won’t cover you if your vehicle is stolen or if it is damaged in an accident that was your doing.

Can’t I just use my personal vehicle insurance?

If you use a vehicle for business, you are obliged to obtain commercial vehicle insurance. Your standard personal vehicle insurance won’t cover you for work and simply won’t give you the sufficient level of protection. This is because such policies only cover you for activities such as commuting and social vehicle use. When you take out commercial vehicle insurance, you’re covered for travel between different locations when you work, taking colleagues and employees and passengers and much more. In fact, you are covered for every activity you use your car for whilst working.

Your insurance options

As the name would suggest, a third-party fire and theft policy will cover you if your van is damaged by fire or stolen. With comprehensive cover, you are protected for a host of eventualities and can normally add a number of valuable extras like windscreen cover. It normally makes sense to opt for comprehensive cover if you do rely on a vehicle to carry out your work. What’s more is that comprehensive cover doesn’t always cost much more than other forms of business vehicle insurance. You can count on us to help you get the best deal for your needs in any case, whether you work in logistics or any other industry.

What if I barely use my vehicle?

Even if you rarely use your vehicle for work, you will still need insurance. It is no longer legal to leave a vehicle uninsured when it hasn’t legally been declared off the road. We can also help you if you wish to add an extra such as accident recovery and additional van breakdown cover to your insurance and can help you insure multiple motorists if your vehicle or vehicles are driven by people other than yourself. We may even be able to get you a discount for insurance on multiple vehicles.

Commercial vehicle insurance is too important to leave to chance.

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